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The importance of being credible!

September 2010Posted by Jamie Miller Fri, September 17, 2010 22:05:50

I hear from a lot of non-quiz enthusiasts who want to enhance their general knowledge for social and conversational settings.

My most important tip for anyone like this is: MAINTAIN CREDIBILITY.

If you want to be respected for being a knowledgeable so-and-so among your friends, don't ever express a trivia fact you don't know to be 100% correct! smiley

An important skill of any quiz-player is the ability to 'guess' the correct answer. Not in a mindless, non-thinking sense, of course. But in a educated, considered manner, using pre-existing knowledge to churn up the correct answer.

In the context of a pub or other type of quiz, this kind of guessing is totally acceptable.

In a social setting, it can end up demeaning your clever-kudos!

Afterall, no-one likes a know-it-all... especially a wrong know-it-all!